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The Greek investment immigration law allows foreign citizens (non-EU) to reside in Greece and move freely in the Schengen zone. The condition is that the individual purchases a property with a minimum value of 250.000 Euros.

The new law, effective since January 2015, makes the

Greek “Golden Visa” highly sought after

  • The residency permit accompanies the purchase of a property. 

  • There is no pre-condition to reside in Greece to maintain the residency right.

  • As a property owner, one may establish a business in Greece. 

  • The residency permit holder has access to all Schengen countries without being required to visit Greece. 

  • The residency right is permanent and is renewed every five years, while citizenship is possible after the seventh year of residency. 

  • The residency right can be passed to parents, spouse, spouse’s parents and children under the age of twenty-one. 

  • The property could be sold within the initial 5 years to another foreign citizen, and transfer the residency right. 


What more could anyone ask for than 300 days of sunshine a year? Greece is renowned for its temperate summers, combining warm days with breezy nights. Its affordable living is complemented by one of the most beneficial property tax laws in Europe. The climate, stress-free lifestyle, rich history and culture make it one of the most sought after destinations worldwide.



Owning an Evolo property gives you access to a lively modern city that has something for everyone. Athens offers an outstanding eclectic selection of both local and international cuisine, from fine dining restaurants to cafes and lounge bars. The city has a dazzling nightlife as well, with traditional tavernas, buzzing bars and glamorous nightclubs open throughout the year.



Athens has everything you need to spoil yourself. It boasts countless trendy shops, art galleries and luxury designer boutiques that accommodate every taste and budget. There are also many luxurious spas and up-to-date fitness clubs. Services such as supermarkets, pharmacies and banks are found all over the city as well.



There is s much to do in Greece! Whether it is the thrill of sports and the outdoors, or the magic of history and fine arts, it s all there for you to explore. Athens offers a wide variety of activities, from water-skiing, wind-surfing, scuba-diving, sailing and fishing, to a large range of sporting facilities and golf courses.

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